Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's been a while

I hate to admit it but it seems that the wind has gone out of my sails when it comes to blogging. I don't really have that much to say unless I talk about my baby girl, cleaning, or my ridiculous amounts of projects. Also, Facebook flash gaming is eating my brain.

So here's a little list of new things going on, in whatever order I think of them:

I had a tie dye party that was a huge success! Much fun tie dye was made, people went home with adorable outfits and another one is tentatively scheduled for September, when hopefully it will be cooler

My little girl turned one! Wow!

My little girl started walking yesterday!

I've been dying tons of stuff and putting some of it for sale up on Etsy. No bites though on selling any. I'm thinking about getting a booth at some local craft shows though and seeing what happens there.. a viable hobby type job or just a pipe dream? we shall see.

We are getting a BOAT! A 31' 1958 Chris Craft to be exact. It will be living in our back yard for a few years while we restore it (or at least make it usable)

There's more, but I have stuff to get done :)
I hope this post finds everyone doing well.