Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 year horrors!

I had to take Lorelei to get her two year shots today. I anticipated tears and screaming and fits. I tried to get someone else to watch Ivy so I wasn't dealing with upset toddler and possibly a cranky baby too. But in the end I was there hauling in a carseat with a three month old, leading in a two year old to a doctors appointment-- her first one where she is old enough to really coherently tell me she doesn't want to do this.

She was a dream all through the appointment, and aside from the little girl who ran up to her and scared her when we first came in, she was a little bubble of happy right up until the shots, going along with everything she was supposed to and even opening her mouth for the nurse practitioner without problem. When time for shots came, I told her we'd get apple pie afterwords. Laid her back and she got the shots and screamed, but only for maybe 10 seconds! It startled Ivy too but she calmed down with only a to rocking her high chair. Moments later we were ready to leave, Lorelei following me down the hallway announcing "apple pie!" to everyone in sight!

I love it when I've braced myself for a bad time but then everything goes so well!