Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A year??

Has it really been that long since I had this baby (and long hair??)?

This was her third day of trying solid foods!

Today she was pilfering ginger candies outta the pantry and running around with a bottle of juice at a coffee shop saying "no" when I asked for it back. Brattish? yes. Cute? I'l admit it... yes it was.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Two of me, originally uploaded by Bakiomau.

I've been feeling fairly non social recently, and oddly, feeling down because I haven't seen any friends in several weeks.

If I'm remembering right I felt that way during parts of when I was pregnant with Lorelei too. I want to focus all my energy on making things or relaxing, or cuddling with my little girl. There's some sadness there too, like I'm mourning for Lorelei's only child-ness.

Some extreme fatigue has set in too, after a few high energy weeks. Hoping that it's just a touch of anemia I've gotten some Flordix liquid iron supplement finally (my midwife recommended it a few weeks ago because my levels were a tad low) but I'm sure it takes a few days for it to work assuming that is it.

Oddly, with my exhaustion, I have had some creative flashes with my photography. I really want to do more with this technique

This picture was just a quicky I did in maybe 30 minutes for both photo taking and editing. Obviously I didn't really set anything up or even pick up trash in the "under renovations" living room. I've been told I look grouchy in the picture. Probably because I kind of was.