Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tomato Planting

From a few weeks ago.. so behind on my blogging, but at least I got them planted before I went on vacation!
I bought pots and even planted my tomatoes (given to me by a neighbor) the same day.

Notice that mound around the pepper plant? Ivy's been digging

 Dirt around her face...

 Yep... gross tasting.

Lorelei loving the rainbow-ness of the new pots. They were a bit more expensive than the plain ones, but solid plastic (not hollow walls) and hopefully will last quite a few years. Plus, they make me smile.

I put them in front of our big drive in gate, because we rarely open it and that expanse was just dying grass in the Texas sun. We can't put permanent beds there obviously because we do use the gate sometimes, but it sure is nice to see something growing there!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stocking bunnies

For my first completed project... I made two stuffed bunnies for baby shower gifts. My girls got a pair of these bunnies for Christmas this year and since I had the pattern I decided to use it for the gifts.

... and broke my first (but surely not my last) sewing machine needle.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you remove pins instead of sewing over them.
I used a pattern from Minelolly on Etsy.

Here are the bunnies I made this week:

So about this pattern.... it's a great pattern, with clear instructions but this project does NOT go fast. It also might be hard on your sewing machine if you have a $88 Walmart special Brother like I do. I like it, I'm glad I got it, but I don't think I'd attempt to make three bunnies at once for presents again (notice I stopped at 2!).

I also completed my maternity photo shoot, but she gets to see her pictures first! I may include a shot or two from that in a post later this month.

.. back to work for me!

Monday, May 2, 2011

May is Anti-Procrastination Month

AKA Finish what I started month.

I have enough partially finished projects that I can NOT start anything new. It's got me in a creative RUT. SO this month I am pledging not to start anything new, but rather to work on finishing what I have started. Oh my, this list is long. Not all of it will get done, but some of it will, and that will feel freeing, I am sure.

Finish the stuffed bunnies I am making as baby shower gifts (all three of these babies have been born now!)
Add straps and applique to Lorelei's sun dress I started last year
Make pillowcases for Lorelei
Make a pillowcase and mattress for the doll bed
Make the "sunshine" pillow I bought supplies for
Paint Lorelei's Letters for her room
Dye "festival dress"
Dye the experiment underwear
List the dyed stuff I have sitting around on Etsy!
Finish Lorelei's birthday silks

Fully edit my personal bluebonnet sessions
Get friend's maternity session booked and shot
Get John's newborn session at least booked
Schedule C and A's toddler pictures

House Work:
Finish sanding bench
Varnish bench
Finish digging new flower bed
Buy pots for tomatoes
Plant tomatoes
Put mulch and path gravel down
Start on the second bench

I'll keep the progress updated on here. Wish me luck!