Thursday, January 13, 2011

Resolutions and self reflection

Last year was a bit crazy.

  • got married the last day of 2009 so 2010 was the first year of our marriage

  • "officially" opened my photography business

  • Flew to Pensylvania for family reunion 

  • I had a baby-- a month early

  • The house was robbed--insurance deemed it totally over $10k. Too bad we had a high deductable.

  • Flew to virginia to visit the rest of the family with an infant and a toddler

  • My husband got laid off

  • My husband got a new job 

Really all in all, a crazy year, and I'm sure I even forgot a few "big" things.

When I started thinking about my goals for this year, I realized too much of it was things to do that had nothing to do with my family. Do more photo sessions? Sell more on Etsy? Blog more? Make more stuff to sell on Etsy? 

Then I thought about the build up of mess, the amount of remodeling we need to accomplish in our house, and how quickly Ivy is growing up and realized that what I really need to do is slow down.

We can make it fine on one income, but the girls aren't going to be young forever. There is going to be time in the future to build businesses, continue my art, push myself, but now is not the time for it. Blogging, crafting, and even *gasp* my photography have to come firmly after my family for now. 

I'm not saying that I'm stopping completely any of the hobbies I have, just that I am placing them way lower on my scale of priorities. 

Aahh... that feels better.