Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And where do you store YOUR diaper cream?

Lorelei's 2nd birthday party was yesterday so her room was a mess. She looked around for a moment after I set her down this morning and said "Cream." Not a usual morning word I just stared at her for a moment until she said "diaper cream"... then she went to the fridge of her laugh and learn kitchen and pulled out a tube of Desitin and gave it to me.

One of the kids that was at the party is quite a climber and her mom had found her on top of the changing table throwing stuff on the floor from the shelves above it. I guess Lorelei rescued and hid the cream from the other kids, which I am grateful for.... but the play fridge? hah...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

scale is everything

2010-06-25 22.17.47, originally uploaded by Bakiomau.

I made a late night Walmart run the other night to replace a Rubbermaid tote that was used when people robbed my house .. hard to clean up when there's fabric scattered far and near.

I needed a bit of a pick me up, so I decided to take Ivy through the toy section and discovered this "Newborn" doll. Notice that it is twice the size of my three month old? I'm not convinced of it's newbornness at all.

I couldn't resist taking a picture, which oddly resulted in a bunch of people oohing and ahhing over Ivy.

Now if I could just figure out for what use they took the box that held my portable drafting table (but not the table) Did they take something long and skinny I haven't noticed yet, or did they just stick a bunch of little stuff in it? Pretty weird no matter what they did with it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


At 23 months my older girl, Lorelei, has just started stringing some multiple word sentances together. The results are sometimes quite giggle-worthy. For example (taken from my Facebook staus updates, so I don't lose them forever)...

This is when I first realized she was trying to string words together more.

Lorelei comes up to me and grabs my socked foot... "socks? off? pully honey pully push pull sock off honey honey push pull off" I help her get my sock off and...... "toes! toes!!"

then a few days later...

lorelei just took a new pair of shoes out of my hands and said "shoes." Then she followed me into her room where I was going to put them on her and corrected herself... "Actually, boots honey... actually, boots."

I guess they were kind of boots. They were these things: Which if you've seen them at Target the answer is "Yes, they ARE awesome." They can be thrown in the washer! Lorelei loves them. Right now she has a black skull and crossbones pair. Before, she had the white mary janes with black soles. I recommend darker colors if at all possible because though they are washable, the details kinda ravel funny when washed too many times. But I digress. On with the sillyness.

Matt's looking at the Dinosaur comic ( and tells Lorelei one of the dinosaurs is a dromiceiomimus. Then he asks her if she can say it. "uh huh" she replies. "Say it", he says.... her reply--- "draaaaa-gon!"

It can only get sillier from here!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

swimsuit, rejected!

swimsuit, rejected!, originally uploaded by Bakiomau.

Summer is here!

This one didn't think she needed her swimsuit in the backyard. Being a private place I decided not to fight the issue.