Friday, August 27, 2010

on the homefront...

I've been having technology nightmares recently, so haven't been online much in a way I can post much.

A while back my house was broken into. Then a great friend lent me a laptop. She hadn't used it much because she never really liked it, and it turns out it was a lemon, and past warranty and it died. I went out of town for a while and as soon as I got home I ordered a new laptop (hoping insurance money will exist soon) and the delivery estimate keeps getting pushed back.

I now have more than a few pictures to edit (numbering in the thousands!), sessions to get put up, a laid off husband at home, and only one laptop between us! As he has said... "I'd rather have only one bathroom than only one laptop"

Here (on my photo blog) are a few vacation pics if you wanna see some pretties... otherwise... I'll be back soon, I hope! I have a baby birthmark treatment story to share..and vacation stories.... and growing baby stories and pictures.