Sunday, September 28, 2008

Peach cobbler

That's what I'm trying to cook tonight. It's almost 10 pm and I have to be up early, but it was a super simple recipe I wrote down when I was still pregnant. It may just be too simple. It took me only the amount of time it took to melt a stick of butter in the stove and then pour something on top of it. Then it bakes for 45 min.

If it turns out good there may be recipe and a picture, but depending on how much it gets torn apart tonight, maybe just a recipe

I'm so glad the baby has been going to bed early (around 9pm) and sleeping all night. It gives me a chance to actually have some time to myself again. When I last peeked in on her though, she was still laying in her crib awake. At least she's not crying, but I'm not sure why she's still awake.

45 minutes and then there will be cobbler....

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