Thursday, August 27, 2009


So for the past few weeks I've been thinking I really want to get back to blogging, but in a more organized way... so I was to pick a few "themes" for a few days of the week and keep up with them.

I know I'm going to to "Caturday" of course... but I'm not sure what else. I'd love to participate in one of the ones that lots of people do and they all share the links to, but I can't seem to find much out there. I know there's illustration Fridays but I get the feeling I wouldn't get to it often (Lorelei doesn't let me draw much)

Maybe I could do "Treasure Thursdays" where I point out some art or craft I really like... or Made it mondays where I outline a project I've done recently. Hmm.... Who knows. Just know that Change is Coming!

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