Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They aren't joking when they say teething is difficult

My poor little girl is getting between two and four molars in at once.
She is miserable and refuses to let me forget it. And she's become a biter.

I have the sinus headache of doom from the rainy weather I guess, and can only take Tylenol for it because I am (surprise!) 9 weeks pregnant.

The pregnancy has given me a raging case of hypoglycemia that is being rather hard to handle... I have to eat constantly but I have no appetite because of the sinus headache.

To top it all off my parents will be here for ten days starting tomorrow and my boyfriend will be out of town for a week with work leaving me alone with them starting Monday.

Oh Happy Days.....

I'll have to make up for this post with some happy cheery baby pictures soon.

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