Thursday, January 7, 2010


Two of me, originally uploaded by Bakiomau.

I've been feeling fairly non social recently, and oddly, feeling down because I haven't seen any friends in several weeks.

If I'm remembering right I felt that way during parts of when I was pregnant with Lorelei too. I want to focus all my energy on making things or relaxing, or cuddling with my little girl. There's some sadness there too, like I'm mourning for Lorelei's only child-ness.

Some extreme fatigue has set in too, after a few high energy weeks. Hoping that it's just a touch of anemia I've gotten some Flordix liquid iron supplement finally (my midwife recommended it a few weeks ago because my levels were a tad low) but I'm sure it takes a few days for it to work assuming that is it.

Oddly, with my exhaustion, I have had some creative flashes with my photography. I really want to do more with this technique

This picture was just a quicky I did in maybe 30 minutes for both photo taking and editing. Obviously I didn't really set anything up or even pick up trash in the "under renovations" living room. I've been told I look grouchy in the picture. Probably because I kind of was.

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