Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tomato Planting

From a few weeks ago.. so behind on my blogging, but at least I got them planted before I went on vacation!
I bought pots and even planted my tomatoes (given to me by a neighbor) the same day.

Notice that mound around the pepper plant? Ivy's been digging

 Dirt around her face...

 Yep... gross tasting.

Lorelei loving the rainbow-ness of the new pots. They were a bit more expensive than the plain ones, but solid plastic (not hollow walls) and hopefully will last quite a few years. Plus, they make me smile.

I put them in front of our big drive in gate, because we rarely open it and that expanse was just dying grass in the Texas sun. We can't put permanent beds there obviously because we do use the gate sometimes, but it sure is nice to see something growing there!

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