Sunday, June 27, 2010

scale is everything

2010-06-25 22.17.47, originally uploaded by Bakiomau.

I made a late night Walmart run the other night to replace a Rubbermaid tote that was used when people robbed my house .. hard to clean up when there's fabric scattered far and near.

I needed a bit of a pick me up, so I decided to take Ivy through the toy section and discovered this "Newborn" doll. Notice that it is twice the size of my three month old? I'm not convinced of it's newbornness at all.

I couldn't resist taking a picture, which oddly resulted in a bunch of people oohing and ahhing over Ivy.

Now if I could just figure out for what use they took the box that held my portable drafting table (but not the table) Did they take something long and skinny I haven't noticed yet, or did they just stick a bunch of little stuff in it? Pretty weird no matter what they did with it.

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