Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mission Cat Tree, Accomplished

We've been working on some remodeling-- ripping out a wall and just leaving two columns and a knee wall, removing carpet, redoing the flooring, trying to remove the texture from the wall... and took the opportunity of leftover carpet, padding and wood to make a cat tree from the remnants. I think it turned out pretty cool... and I hate to say it but I was hesitant to do it before because of the sick kitty peeing on everything. Now, the random pee incidents are in our past, and hopefully will stay that way.

There's still a tiny bit more to be done-- I'm planning on wrapping the posts with sisal, and doing some sort of finish on the bottom board to make clean up easier when some cat inevitably decides to hairball on it, but they are happy with it how it is, and I will get to "finishing" it eventually.

And the kitten loves it.
The others like it too, but they don't show off for the camera as much

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