Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh Baby

Why would you ever LOSE weight between six and nine months?

We breastfeed on demand and feed you as much as you want.

So that's the news. She lost around four ounces between her six month and nine month checkup.
I was told to start supplementing with formula, which I said no to. I was told to start pumping 3x a day, which I said yes to. Then I thought about it and decided not to. My course of action instead is to be more proactive with the breastfeeding... offering it more often including BEFORE not after each meal. I can already tell that a few more nursings each day have gotten my supply up, and with pumping I am worried that it would have shot me into oversupply mode which is bad for both me and the baby. I also started offering her higher calorie foods-- french toast sticks (basically just egg, milk and cinnamon with bread, nothing fancy), some full fat cheese, offering yogurt more often, browned ground beef when we are having spaghetti... But with the increased nursing she isn't very interested in real food.

In about a week and a half we will see what's up, with one of the dreaded "come back in two weeks" weigh ins.

But the more I think about it, the more annoyed I am that the doctor freaked me out so bad. She's happy, healthy, getting to milestones before the charts say she needs to be there and she got that nine month weigh in about a week after she really started gettign active crawling on everything. I've mentioned it to a lot of people (what can I say, it made me feel insecure) and at least half the people I've talked to mentioned minimal to no weight gain between six and nine months. Plus it was a different scale this last time, plus she hadn't had breakfast. Four ounces is two shot's worth of weight. It's the difference between having a full belly and not really. I'm not saying she doesn't need to gain weight, but I AM saying I shouldn't be freaking out about it. Right?

Any feedback on this one?

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