Saturday, October 9, 2010

Costumes... in progress

I worked for a while yesterday on Lorelei's ladybug costume but was getting irritated trying to make the wings work the way I want them, so started on my from-a-pattern costume today. I often do this when I'm working on projects-- let the problem kinda stew in my mind for a while and do something else that it "easier" or at least different while I work the problem out.

Today my husband took the toddler out sailing, so it's just me and the baby.
She REALLY likes the fabric I'm making my dress out of--- check it out!

"Hi Mom!"

"Oh.. I wasn't supposed to have it?"

"Yay! you didn't take it away!!"

Ah, the relative peace of crafting with a non-crawling baby around...

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  1. Ahh, look at those bright eyes. And lovely pix!

    Nice tiles too!