Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Fun :: Sweet Berry Farm

It's that time of year again, I started making costumes and realized it was time to check out the pumpkin patch. The last two years we went to the Elgin christmas tree farm, but this year I wanted to go somewhere different, because I've heard good things about Sweet Berry Farm, and the Elgin patch isn't really that fun to me.

So last Friday, almost on a whim, we bundled up the kids and some snacks and headed for Marble Falls, about an hour away from our house.

The drive was lovely, lots of wildflowers and an overall nice trip. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised by no parking charges! There are no parking charges and there is no entrance fee, just pay for what you do. And there was a lot to do! For free you could take a mini hay ride, wander around the pumpkins, take pictures, head over and check out the goats, and wander around the wildflowers.

 For charge was stuff like paint your own pumpkin, picking zinnias, stuffing scarecrows, cornfield mazes, and of course buying a pumpkin (cheap compared to the stores in Austin!). There was more to do but I didn't feel like typing it all.

First thing we did was take some pictures, making sure to get at least one family photo.

OK, this wasn't the family photo. But it IS a bit amusing, no?
 Then we wandered around all the pumpkins a bit (there were displays set up with many varieties of pumpkins heaped in all sorts of vessels from bathtubs to old speedboats).

We headed over and said hi to the goats, and then waited for the tractor to take us over to the tunnel

The Toddler's version of waiting for the tractor. I think she was tired.

The tunnel would have been creepy if it hadn't been so short.

You go through the tunnel and there are zinnias, basil and marigold planted for picking your own flowers, so we got a cup to fill ($2) and let the Toddler lead the way through the flowers and point out some to pick.

 At the place where you fill the cups with water, we met a friendly farm cat

Then we headed back to the other side of the tunnel and picked out some pumpkins. By this time I was getting sunburned and cranky so we were ready to head out. Three big pumpkins, plus a tiny pumpkin the Toddler picked out came out to be only slightly over $20 ($21.49 to be exact)

There was some lounging while the kiddo ran around too.

Then we headed into Marble Falls for a late lunch, deciding on River City Grille (not bad, but nothing I'd make a special trip for).

All in all, I really liked Sweet Berry Farms and recommend it. It was reasonably prices for all the activities, and there was also enough to do for a while even if you didn't want to do much in the way of activities. I think we will head there in the spring for strawberry picking too!

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  1. oh, these are SO AWESOME, Cindy.

    We went there a few years ago and got some cute shots too. We may go this Sunday.

    I think you guys put the SWEET in the farm!