Tuesday, November 23, 2010

25 Things I am thankful for -- part 1

Ye olde obligatory Thankfulness post,
Part one of 5!

25. Washers and driers (I cloth diaper and have 2 kids under age three. Enough said here....)

24. Vacuume Cleaners (see number 23)

23. Snuggly cats

22. The internet. It's pretty darn great, itsn't it?

21. Doors- They keep the out, out and the in, in. They also keep toddlers playing in their rooms until mommy
is really good and ready to get them in the morning. *bliss*

20. Modern kitchens- I'm so glad I don't have to maintain a cookfire in a room detached from the main house
because it is so likely to burn down. And the cold food is right there next to the stove in such a convenient
little box. No root cellars for me, baby.

Yes, mine is outdated.

The appliances aren't the best. The counters are a
weird orange (it's not even longhorn burnt orange... just, dark dirty looking orange)

 But my toddler can take baths in the kitchen sink

while the baby hangs out in her high chair

and I cook meals, and it's overall a pretty good arrangement.

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