Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 Things I am thankful for -- part 4

9.Computers. Wow, the world would be a totally different place without them.

8. Gardens-- this morning I took the toddler out and let her pick tomatos
 and chew on mint leaves, and it was a lovely time. My neighbor's garden is especially nice... we
can check it out, and they kindly share and maintain it... with the two kids I think my own garden would have been long dead this year.

7. Baby bouncer thingamajigs. Lifesavers, they are!

6. Trees. I like them, and they are good. They provide shade, make oxygen, and even look pretty.

5. My best friend "Uncle Matt"... we don't see each other much recently, but that's ok. Now if Lorelei would just stop asking me incessantly to see him (he's out of town for a few weeks)

4. My mom's group. They are pretty awesome, even though my current kid situation (they nap on opposite schedules right now) means I don't get to see anyone as often as I would like. But when my kid raisin' calms down, I know they will still be there!

3. My mother

2. My husband

1. My beautiful girls

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