Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday a friend and I made some baklava. We followed this recipe pretty much to a T.
We used the honey sauce, which was tasty and made the whole house smell heavenly.

Some advice
Don't try to chop whole almonds. They are so hard that you really should start with slivered or slices almonds

Don't try to grind up cloves unless you have a spice grinder. Big chunks of cloves=badness

Don't.... follow this recipe to a T. It will be bottom heavy and stick to the pan pretty badly. I really recommend a few more layers of phyllo on the bottom than the recipe calls for. Also, probably more than 2 pieces between layers.

In general it is tasty- but we are going to try again with some changes.


  1. um...yum! you now gots me craving baklava like crazy!

  2. (as the other cook that was in the kitchen at the time), I'd also recommend making a little extra of the syrup and chopping the nuts finer than you see in the picture.

    My coworkers all seemed to love how nutty it was, but personally I was hoping for a gooier experience ;)