Friday, November 28, 2008

Buy nothing day

As I usually do I will be participating in Buy Nothing Day.... unless I need groceries and if I do that I make sure to limit the impulse purchases.

I've always thought the Black Friday rush is ridiculous and mindless, and the fact that it is used as an economic indicator even more ridiculous, so I guess I wasn't too surprised when on Facebook, a number of accusing comments were posted saying that participating in Buy Nothing Day would make the economy even worse.

Say what? It is all about MINDFUL shopping, instead of charging in and fighting over the last teapot just because it's on sale.

More to be coming in an edit after I stew about it some more :)


  1. Ahh well now that I know more of what it is, yes I am participating in Buy Nothing Day. Sort of. I'm not going rampant at Walmart or Best Buy for "great deals" that's for sure.
    Also, somewhere in NC people put glue in the locks of some stores. Woohoo!

  2. hm... I'm not much for vandalism... but that may have been funny to see if it was one of those places where people lined up to get the deals.