Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voting.. choosing like a toddler?

Here's my sure to be very unpopular opinion on voting after watching this video:

Voting for the general public reminds me of some parenting advice I read for getting a toddler dressed properly to go outside in the winter.

Let the kid choose which hat- the red one or the blue one, which gloves- the fuzzy ones or the smooth ones. But don't overwhelm them with choices. Their hat, gloves and clothes may not match but at least they are dressed warmly.

The system keeps the general public feeling like they have some control but really, we are being told to choose between the evils, in an embedded system that despite the hype can only change so much. You need to get out, vote, make a choice.... but only within the parameters. Sure, there are options to write in candidates, vote green party, vote libertarian; but the system is so entrenched that few people step outside their comfort zone to do that. They pick the red candidate or the blue candidate often not truly liking either of the options ... but at least they're voting, right?

Let me point out before the comments that I am not meaning this election specifically. This year many people had a strong allegiance to one side or the other. I am meaning the general process of presidential elections.

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  1. Being a green-card Canadian I did not go to the booths but I heard the choices were almsot too many.

    Yes, like toddlers - two choices only, that's what we need!