Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby hats

I went looking for hats for Lorelei before Christmas and was a bit dismayed by the lack of selection and the price of most of what I found... so I decided to make some myself.

They aren't great, but they came out sort of cute, plus they cost me almost nothing because I used fleece I already had sitting around.

This one was sort of from the Martha Stewart website... I followed the instructions loosely though and didn't add pom poms. I'd link to it but it seems like the website always sends you to the main site. Search for Fleece Hat on there and you'd find it easy enough. This one also has about an inch of hat available to let out, since I made it too big at first. Matt suggested I not cut off that piece so she can wear it still when she grows.

This one I much made up after seeing similar looking ones. It was super easy, and I used the curled selvage edge instead of making a band. Lorelei seemed to like this a bit better than the big band, but then she hates hats and always has to wear ones that are a bit big or she cries. I did take out a little of the excess fabric and made it a bit less bulky after this picture was taken, but it doesn't look that different.

In theory I am going to make a pom pom for this one some time... but I night not ever get to it.

I also knotted up the end to see what that would be like - it would be good for if she was in her car seat or stroller- and it worked pretty well.

So there you go, baby hats!
If anyone would want me to make a baby hat for them, just let me know

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  1. Awwww what a cutie ;) She makes such a good model. Those hats rock!