Thursday, January 15, 2009

Commence childproofing

Well, the kid is learning to scoot herself around on the floor. Hard flooring means she can push herself around and just kinda slide from place to place.

My first mistake was letting her scoot around in the tub on her tummy -in very little amounts of water under my paranoidly watchful eye- OMG when she stuck her face in the water and sipped a little I almost had a heart attack- and now my mistake is playing out in this way... a baby scooting around half of my living room making backwards beelines for the magazines I had stacked under the coffee table.

She's terribly proud of herself, and is singing a warbly screechy soung to herself as she moves around. She's also a bit arngry that she can't go forward, but I've heard that's par for the course. So here I am with a semi mobile baby who doesn't really sit yet. Weird.

Coming up in the next few days: an "adventures of solid foods" photojournal

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  1. Oh boy - let the "baby-proofing" begin in earnest! Might as well put up EVERYTHING now.