Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vet time

The kitten is getting spayed today. A very good thing since a neighbor has an unneutered tomcat that has been coming out a lot recently and harassing our porch cat. For some reason though, I am very worried for her. I'm usually not worried when a cat gets spayed but last night I was almost having a panic attack thinking about it... I felt sure she wasn't going to make it. She's there now probably being prepped right now, but she'll probably be fine

For a little history, the kitten was found when Lorelei was maybe 8 weeks old, in some bushes. Turns out she was from a litter a neighbors cat had, but they were trying to find her a new home. All the other kittens were in their back yard and this one seems to have climbed the fence to go across the street and hide in our bushes. We think she's about the same age as Lorelei! We have an aazing array of kitten and baby pictures.

... And in other cat news, our porch cat is a girl. Hopefully either old enough to be infertile, or spayed- the neighbors tomcat sure has been paying her a lot of attention but we can only handle one cat at the vet at a time. We only know Spare is a girl because my boyfriend held her still and I actually divided the furs to do the checking- she is a VERY long haired kitty that doesn't like turning her back on people. Months ago we decided it was a "he" from attitude and stance, but apparently that's not a good way to figure it out!


  1. How precious the image of your daughter with a kitten sleeping around her head! Lorelei (who is just beautiful and wow, what a lovely dress) will grow up with that cat & just love these photos in later years.

    LOL at assuming your porch cat was male. Heck, I coulda told you it was female, based on that 'tude!

  2. Yes, what an utterly sweet photo!

    We didn't find out Kit-Kat was a boy until he was about 9 months and things started "developing" on him.

    Love the name "Spare" cat.