Monday, October 27, 2008

Airplane Giggles

Now that I'm not completely wiped out I can actually update.

The baby actually did pretty good on the airplane. But the most memorable part was when we got up to get off the last leg of the flight home. She had been grouchy the whole flight because it was after her bed time, but when I put her up over my shoulder she started giggling like I had never heard her giggle before. She giggled for a good few minutes, amusing a lot of the people who had been sitting behind us. Theatrical little baby.

She also got to see both grandmoms, and her grandpa before he went into surgery (my dad just had part of his liver removed today because of cancer. He's currently recovering fine) She got completely spoiled by my mom, and we managed to go out two nights in a row because my mom was more than happy to watch her.

Now, she's spoiled because of how much attention she got. She does NOT want to be left alone for even a minute which is very frustrating.


  1. She's an absolute cutie :)
    I'm glad to hear your dad's surgery went well and that he's doing alright.

  2. Thanks....

    my dads surgery was pretty crazy.. my mom said they only left 36% of his liver (which is "enough" they say.. but it sounds scary to me)