Friday, October 3, 2008


My new camera is sitting somewhere in Dallas.

Around 3 we have to go pick up Lorelei's grandpa from the airport.... I was hoping the camera would come before that.

I still have tons to do. Mainly putting sheets on the spare bed, scooping cat litter, cleaning out the car (poor little car will be swamped with 3 adults and a baby in it) and getting the baby ready to leave. Maybe it's better that the camera isn't here yet so I'm not rtrying to play with it instead of doing other stuff... but... new toy... *whine*


  1. I know the waiting game with camera's too! Mine is with my gf in DC until tomorrow. It sucks to not be able to take good pictures when you want!

  2. This would have been such a good weekend for it too, for me....