Friday, October 10, 2008

New camera, new blog

My camera arrived on the 6th.. just much later in the day than I thought it would. I got so excited I forgot about posting anything here. I decided to start a 365 project in celebration of the awesomeness that is a Digital SLR. A Canon Rebel isn't the end all be all of digiSLR's but to me, it's just fine! (there are a lot of different people who claim to have done the first 365 project, but it's typically all the same concept)

Hopefully I will manage to stick with it. Some days just fly by and at the end I realize I've done nothing of importance but here's my chance to work on that!

My 365 project will be here:

I have three days so far. day 4 I will post today... and I might post today's but I may decide to never post the picture of the day until the day is completely over. Never know when a better opportunity may come up for pictures!

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