Monday, December 15, 2008

December photoday

The weather has been pretty weird here. There have been a few days where it has been near 80 degrees out, so me and Lorelei have taken advantage of those and gone for many walks... usually the next day it will be in the 40s or 50s. Lorelei usually babbles and sings for the first block or so and after that drifts off into a deep sleep.

This kind of temperature fluctuation means lots of wind! This is how we discovered that the siding on our shed wasn't attached too well (it is just made of beams and siding, there is no drywall or anything) It looked kinda cool though, and popped back into place easily.

Yesterday we got a Christmas tree. This is probably the only thing my boyfriend will be getting me for Christmas because he's not a big fan of the Christmas season. It's still not decorated though.... because the kitten loves it. I'm thinking I will leave it undecorated for one more day and then just be careful about what ornaments I put on it... or something.

It was another of those beautiful days out so I put Lorelei in this fancy little dress my mom bought her, set her on a quilt in the back yard and had a little photo session with her.

A note for those who wish my buy 5 1/2 month old babies fancy little dresses.... make sure that it isn't a fabric that changes color when wet. This dress was actually a good fabric to choose, though having a few less froofy layers would have possibly made it less attractive to baby noms.

It was moody day for her though, and she decided she'd had enough of it right about the time I ran out of ideas

- - well, she got angry when I stopped letting her eat my camera strap, but nothing was gewtting accomplished that way.


  1. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!! Her eyes fairly dance.

    Such a wonderful photo montage of your life.

    A little kitty too, how sweet.

    And looks like some bottom teeth will be popping out soon on her?

    Yeah, was that some wind, or what??!! Glad you could fix the shed easily.

  2. thanks Jannie :) gosh I hope some teeth will be popping out soon... that would explain some things and mean an end to the fuss monster is in sight.