Thursday, December 18, 2008

Enough already!

When did my sweet baby girl become the fussiest little baby critter ever? She won't go to sleep.... she'll play alone for a few but then start crying, she has even been fussing in the car while on the highway, and at Target even when the cart is moving. All the fallback things are failing and ... I feel like a failure. I can't keep the one thing I'm in charge of happy. Last night, she had to cry herself to sleep because there was NO comforting her. Right now, she is in her crib crying because I have no clue what else to do. Writing this is my way of keeping from running to her right away.... it beats watching the clock for five minutes. She doesn't want to nurse. I can't take her for a walk today because I'm waiting for UPS. I play with her and it helps for a minute and then she's angry again. I've got nothing.


  1. i know you are probably at the end of your rope...

    have you checked for usual suspects? teething? sore ear? jude never wants to nurse when she's about to get an ear infection. a little tylenol and/or teething tablets goes a long way...

  2. You know.. I have never given her either of those things.. but I think the time is coming to try her out with one of them.

    She eventually settled down and nursed after I let her cry for a few.... and now shes been napping for a few hours- thankfully!

    Thanks for the advice!