Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny conversation....

Leave it to my best friend to get me giggling when I'm at the end of my rope...

1:48:39 PM)
hm.. I need to think of a question of the week to ask the girls in my moms group
(1:49:45 PM) c____: if you could be a bird sitting on someone's windowsill, who's windowsill would you be sitting on?
(1:49:48 PM) BakioMau: Ive been keeping it holiday themed and sorta cheesy this month The questions so far have been "what are you thankful for" "whats your favorite holiday tradition" and "whats your favorite present you have received"
(1:49:58 PM) BakioMau: LoL .. I like that one.
(1:50:04 PM) c_____: :)
(1:50:44 PM) c_____: I suppose I could let you license it from me
(1:51:26 PM) BakioMau: I'll use that one after christmas if you let me...
(1:52:31 PM) c_____: well I don't know how I'd know if I told you no but you used it anyway~
(1:52:47 PM) c_____: you could change it to "if you were a partridge in someone's pear tree..." ;)
(1:56:45 PM) BakioMau: lol
(1:57:01 PM) BakioMau: Who's pear tree would you patridge in?
(1:57:46 PM) c_____: well I guess so... but partridge is a noun?
(1:58:05 PM) BakioMau: maybe it couldbe a verb too?
(1:58:38 PM) c_____: well I guess it could... but if you were partridging, what would you be doing?
(1:58:43 PM) c_____: ooh! another good question!

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