Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rant- Allrecipes reviewers

Don't get me wrong... I <3

I love that they have reviews because then I know what to expect from the recipe

Some of the reviewers are so stupid though. Some of the ones that get me going are

1. When someone says "I don't like ____ (insert main ingredient of the recipe) but I thought I'd try it anyways and ... it turns out I still don't like ______." And then give it a one star rating. Well, what did you expect? It's not because the recipe is bad, it's because you don't like that main ingredient.

2. People that make tons of substitutions and omissions from a recipe, then give it a poor rating because it didn't turn out well. If it didn't work because you didn't follow the recipe, it is YOUR FAULT.

3. When a cookie recipe says "drop on ungreased cookie sheet," Invariably there is a reviewer that gives it a 1 star review. Why? Because they put the cookie on a sheet sprayed with Pam, and then they couldn't get the cookies off the cookie sheet. Pam is a type of grease. Directions called for no grease. If it didn't work because you didn't follow the recipe, and actually did the OPPOSITE of what the recipe called for, it is YOUR FAULT.

Geeze people, get with the program ;)

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