Friday, December 19, 2008

Imperfection in photographs

I have often liked the look of an imperfection. Found vintage photographs where parts of it are out of focus, but film was expensive and the imperfect photos found purchase in people's albums just as much as the perfect ones, because they were the only pictures that existed from that time. Now with previews on digital cameras it is easy to make sure you catch the moment in focus, with your subject's eyes open. You can even delete the "bad" ones before anyone else ever sees them.

In these days of everything new mentality, with perfect replicas of items produced in huge numbers lining the shelf, where it costs more to repair an item than throw it away and get a new one, the draw to imperfection is calling to many people-- just look at the success of Etsy, where almost everything sold there is (usually obviously) handmade.

I'm still drawn occasionally to the imperfect pictures. This is one of them, and I'm not sure why I'm drawn to it.

Any thoughts? Do you have a favorite picture that is technically not "good" but you love it anyways? Do you have a favorite item that is not shiny and new, but you prefer it that way? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. When our dryer died I refused to buy a brand new one, knowing that 2 days after the warranty ended, it would surely need some major repair that would cost more than a new one. We got one almost exactly like mine (which had been a hand me down from my grandmother - possibly purchased while my grandfather was still alive).
    Bonus, it was only $75.
    If you love old photos, you'll love

    Its an awesome site.

  2. This is very inspiring, to post an "imperfect" photo. I think I will do the same sometime.

    There is a sweetness and earnestness in her expression, she seems to be comtemplating something very seriously. And even out-of-focus she is still a doll. She is really smart, isn't she?? Yes, I can tell from just a picture!