Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for...

elephant, excellent, email, empty, Ellery, enter, equal,  evil, elevator, escalator, enchiladas, elf, either, excited, echinacea, elevation, eskimo


Nah, kinda boring...


Oh... eggs are more boring than eyes, you say?

What about when they are broken? Kind of an interesting pattern...

Speaking of patterns... it's almost Easter isn't it.
I saw this blog post by Alisa Burk today and felt inspired

I got about half way done when I realized she used regular sharpies instead of my usual super fine sharpies. I like the way mine turned out, but they would have been bolder, and faster, and easier if it was a regular one.

How do you like to decorate your Easter eggs?


  1. They are very cool on the brown eggs. They look tribal.

  2. Very cool eggs. My family does Pisanki around Easter - I hope to do a blog about it when the time arrives! :) Nice "e" post!

  3. Beautiful designs! I haven't decorated Easter eggs, a really long time because I can't even remember! lol I think I'll coerce my nephew into decorating eggs with me this year and see if we can come up with some cool designs like yours!

  4. Thanks for your comment :)

    As SweetMarie says, I haven't decorated eggs for *%£@#* years...longer than I care to remember!

    Yours are just BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Wow, look at you, the artist..They are great designs, and you must have the patient of Job~! Haven't decorated much on eggs lately, but did my share raising 3 kiddos, though..Thanks for a great addition to "E"..
    (sorry to be tardy commenting...)
    Now on to "F"...

  6. Holly-- aren't they? I usually get white eggs for decorating but figured why not try the brown this time, after all, that's what was in my fridge

    "exceptional parent"-- I really want to try that sometime but I think my girls need to be older... hot wax and toddlers seems dangerous

    SweetMarie--- Egg decorating is always fun :)

    Kit-- you're welcome :) ... this year is a good year to decorate again!

    Margaret Hall-- they didn't take very long at all... maybe 5 minutes a piece? Quick and easy but kind of impressive looking. Just the kind of project I like ;) I'm glad you like them. I better be at least a passable artist... I went to college for it *sigh*... see where it's gotten me...