Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for...

Pregnancy and Poverty

Falling off my thread of happy for one post.

I read a lot of blogs about BIRTH. The options, and how the US system is doing it wrong. There's finger pointing everywhere.

How dare you have a hospital/home/birth center birth! Don't you know the baby is going to be stressed/induced/tortured/given unnecessary exams/shots/homeopathic remedies! You might need stitches/be induced/have a C section/tear/hemorrhage/be given a vaginal exam/be looked at  by more people that you'd like/only have one person there!

All over the world though, women have NO choice. No choice, and no education.

This video really touched me this morning.
In fact, it made me cry (I'm not a crying type). All with words and music. There are no photos at all in it.


  1. What a strong video. I couldn't think of going through a pregnancy much less giving birth without a doctor, nurses, or a hospital!!

  2. Thank you for commenting Tiffani!

    What I REALLY cannot imagine is giving birth without an experienced professional (doctor or midwife) who has seen many births and knows what to do with things go in unexpected ways, as births do sometimes.

    I had homebirths with my girls, no experience with hospital births, the first with a midwife who has been delivering babies since 1981-- and the hospital was only 5 minutes away if I needed to go there. But I had the CHOICE to have a homebirth, the CHOICE to not be in the hospital, and the KNOWLEDGE that the hospital was there if it was needed. Many women don't have any of that :(

  3. I can't imagine it either! I mean, I've never given birth, but I would be terrified to do so without a qualified professional walking me through it.

  4. Yes, a very powerful video. I had midwives within a hospital. I can't imagine not having either. Thanks for educating us.