Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for...


My beautiful firstborn daughter. A very abbreviated trip through the last few years.

 This is a very picture heavy post. Also, if you're curious about how I did my kaleidoscope pics from yesterday's post, the info on that is at the bottom of the page so if you're interested in that and don't care about pictures of my daughter.. just scroll on down.

Here she is, fresh and brand new-- taken with my camera phone while I was still stuck in bed postpartum.

Two or three months old--- we think the kitten is the same age as she is.

(the first two are pre-dSLR purchase)

Just scooting---

At the park, loving the swing

threatening other kids with sticks -- ok not really, she just loves sticks (13 months)

Digging in our neighbor's garden

Refusing to wear her swimsuit

and goofing off with dandelions

And as a follow up to yesterday's post-----

Since I've been asked how I did the kaleidoscope pictures... I used photoshop and this tutorial here:

Then, for the first one, I made three of the patterns and shrank one and put it in the middle (there was a ton of empty space in the middle) and blew one up to 200% and put it behind the middle one (to get the square shape)

The second one I blew a layer up to 200% and liked it enough that I left it at that

The third and fourth ones I did the layer at 200% behind the main image.

Let me know if you have any questions about that.

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  1. Lorelei is so very cute...One can tell that you are so very proud of your children and I hope that these photo memories will be cherished by them in latter years....