Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for...

Fairy, fruit, funny, foofy, fluffy. feet, first, fink, fiddle,

Fringe, feathers

Flying floating falling

Which are these?

Excuse the sloppiness please, and lack of Focus. I've had a migraine all day and was getting frustrated. I do think they turned out alright considering I couldn't coerce my husband to help out.

Here's one more I worked on this morning


  1. Looks like you are having fun :-) Btw...that's a very nice dress.

  2. Fantastic pics. They look great.

  3. Wow - Fabulous fotos! Love the F post.

  4. Looks like a genius with the photos~! Thanks for sharing...Having fun is the best! Yes, nice dress...
    See you for "G"...

  5. Thanks y'all :) and thank you for visiting and commenting!

    Connie, would you believe the dress was a thrift store find? I love bargains on beautiful clothes!