Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for


That's all I've been today is a mommy. Mommy is losing her marbles, with two crazy kids.

The toddler has been telling me she has to climb on her baby sister "Because I'm a dolphin, mommy."

The baby hasn't been sleeping well, I'm blaming it on teething like I usually do.

In high school a friend handed me a marble and said to be  careful with it, because it was her last one. I promised I would. I think I still have that marble. I think I should go try to find it. I'll be needing it.


  1. Aww, I think I remember that marble too :)
    I keep one at work now

  2. Some days are tougher than others! I hope you can rest and relax when the kids are in bed, and drink some wine and take a bubble bath!!

  3. Being a Mommy certainly does not come with a manual, huh?...Each day a new experience, a new memory to be held to the heart..Take time for yourself at nap time...It will be different in the morning...