Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for...

Gold, giraffe, gelfling, goats, gummi bears,
green, grass, grey, grape

(This post is rather picture heavy... sorry if you have a slow connection)

I grew up gardening...
My mom always had flower gardens
My grandma and uncle always kept up a vegetable garden (my uncle still does)

It just doesn't seem "right" to me not to be growing something.
Last year at this time I had a 2 week old baby, so nothing really happened around planting time. The previous years I did a tiny bit... a tomato plant here, a pepper plant there, but not great effort. This year we are trying to finally get to whipping this property into shape.

Nothing too impressive so far, but I'm enjoying it, and my toddler is amused. OK well, the toddler is a bit irritated that she is no longer allowed to dig big holes in the garden like last year, but she does enjoy the plants at least.
Lorelei at about 18 months
enjoying her free reign over the unmaintained garden

 The baby could care less, and just requests that I keep her supplied with toys.

Today we pulled some weeds, planted some basil and thyme, watered the bed good and then put down a little mulch. Turns out we need one more bag of mulch, but this should help for now.

Lorelei even picked out this adorable bluebird at the garden store today. I was set to say no but then looked at the price and it was only $9.99. I can handle that! I was sure they were going to be pricey at the little local nursery we were at. Locals to ATX, Shoal Creek Garden Center is pretty nice.

Oh and that rose bush? Well... this was yesterday, before I started weeding.

And this was today. Hopefully it recovers. It probably will for next year, but I think it's done this year.  I pulled out what I guess was its main root thinking it was one of the ivy vines snaking through my garden when weeding yesterday. I had no idea roses had vine like roots!

I look forward to seeing other's Gs, Fellow A-Zers!


  1. Impressive! I just try to do my best to grow grass rather than weeds.

  2. Last year I pulled out crocuses thinking they were weeds. Sigh. Your burgeoning garden looks great!

  3. hahah.. Alex, you can see the "grass" by my garden. It doesn't do near as well as my drought tolerant garden selections.

    Margaret, I have done similar things before. It was a very long time before my mom would let me weed without supervision (and weeding is fun to a kid--- I mean pulling things out of the ground? General destruction? Awesome!)

  4. Beautiful composition with nice colors and sharp design

  5. What a sweet garden with the will see a similar post on my blog before I started the A-Z Challenge. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you, Leovi

    StandardSpicyWhatnot, which blog? I couldn't find it :)

  7. I cannot wait for the rains here in Oregon to subside and I can go out and dig my hands into the dirt~!! It just needs some strong sun to dry up a bit, but I am anxious to plant some stuff, have a small raised bed for veggies, and several places and pots for color...Love the kids pics and love the new blue bird..CUTE...

    Trying to catch up on your blog...